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Accelerate Analytical Innovation

Revolution R Enterprise brings rich development tools to accelerate Big Analytics innovation cycles.

Big Data Big Analytics presents a multi-dimensional challenge to analytics teams and the IT teams supporting them.  To meet them, you will need faster processes for data capture, manipulation and exploration along with faster model development, validation, integration and deployment.

Legacy Tools Fall Short, Slowing Innovation

Leveraging “legacy” analytical tools has brought increasing delays to analytics teams as they experience:

  • Increasing latency as data movement slows in the face of larger and larger data
  • Ever-slower data visualization and exploration as data volume overwhelms current tools and infrastructure
  • Slowed development and testing processes, in turn slowing model production
  • Inability to apply ensemble techniques to achieve needed feature reduction
  • Increasing data volumes slow data movement and delaying analysis
  • Expensive upgrades to higher-capacity editions of existing products

If this sounds familiar, you need new tools.

Revolution R Enterprise Accelerates Big Analytics Innovation

Revolution R Enterprise begins by providing a high-performance analytics architecture and faster in-database and in-Hadoop execution. In addition, Revolution R Enterprise provides rich exploration, development, integration and deployment tools to help your team develop more models, on more data, more quickly.

  • Rich development tools for exploring data and estimating models
  • Rapid, enterprise-wide deployment  platform
  • Broad array of big data analytics techniques

Build R Analytics Faster and Easier with Revolution

Building and testing R scripts to deliver big data analytics is easier with DevelopR.  DevelopR is an easy-to-use Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for quickly building and debugging R scripts.  DevelopR is included with Revolution R Enterprise.

Based on the widely-accepted Microsoft Visual Studio framework, DevelopR speeds development with a visual debugger, code inspection tools, package management and powerful single-step debugging.  For more information about DevelopR, click here.

Deploy R Analytics Rapidly and Securely Across Your Entire Enterprise

Based on the widely-used Web Services framework, Revolution R Enterprise DeployR enables data scientists to publish R analytics as web services – callable by nearly all applications and application development tools, including spreadsheets, BI tools, business applications and web applications. 

In addition to faster integration, use of Web Services via a secure server, your developers can create rich analytical services for the entire enterprise without exposing sensitive data to prying eyes.

For more information on Revolution R Enterprise DeployR, click here.