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Big Data needs Data Science

Written by revolution_analytics On the

We’ve been hosting a series of webinars focusing on how to make Apache Hadoop a viable enterprise platform that powers modern data architectures.

Implementing modern data architecture with Hadoop means that it must deeply integrate with existing technologies, leverage existing skills and investments and provide key services. This guest post from David Smith, Vice President of Marketing and Community at Revolution Analytics, shares his perspective on the role of a Data Scientists in a Big Data world.

While many companies today have not figured out the process of efficiently collecting and storing data with Hadoop, the next step in that process — getting value out the data — isn’t yet in everyone’s grasp. But that’s where Data Science — the process of understanding, analyzing and creating actionable insights from data — comes in. You can use Data Science  to measure regional market shareunderstand consumer sentimentpredict elections, and even make better wine.

Kim Truong