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Enterprise Assurance

Out of the Labs and Into the Enterprise

Revolution R Enterprise provides the productivity, reliability support, build assurance and services to assure successful outcomes.

Enhancing R to Meet the Needs of Enterprises

No longer constrained to individual analysts, R has become the de facto standard for analytics among large groups of users developing critical analytical insights, supporting enterprise decisions and directly affecting the course of business.

As a commercial enterprise software development, delivery and support company, we meet enterprise needs for:

  • Testing and validation of new releases;
  • Accountable support from a reliable vendor;
  • Capabilities to support enterprise-wide integration and delivery
  • Integration with existing information security facilities in your infrastructure
  • Licensing models that enable the use of R-powered analytics in production environments.

Enterprise-Grade R

Revolution Analytics provides products, services and support to address the key concerns arising from extensive use of open source R within large organizations.

At Revolution Analytics we are fully supportive of open source R and recognize the need to validate each new release before it becomes part of Revolution R Enterprise.

In order to assure successful deployment of new releases, all open source components are subjected to rigorous qualification testing prior to release of Revolution R Enterprise.

As a result, users can achieve a higher degree of assurance that new release of Revolution R Enterprise will deliver new functionality without causing delays or systems outages.

Commercial Support Helps You Avoid Delays & Outages

R is a straightforward language, but issues do arise – whether related to quality, usage or deployment. With open source R, you have a vast and vibrant community at your fingertips, yet the focus of the community is on innovation, not enterprise deployment.

Revolution Analytics offers a range of commercial support products to assure your success. We help you minimize project delays by providing timely issue resolution and rapid guidance on how to use, deploy and manage Revolution R Enterprise.

If you're one of the two-million plus people using Open Source R, get the confidence of real-time technical support from the R experts with AdviseR from Revolution Analytics.

Enterprise-Wide Deployment

Direct use of R by general users, such as business planners, customer service teams or bond traders is not practical.

Revolution R Enterprise DeployR, enabling deployment of R analytics so they can be integrated into other applications. By exposing RESTful web services that in-turn invoke R analytics, DeployR helps you integrate R analytics into your BI applications, spreadsheets, enterprise applications, web sites, and a host of tools that can access RESTful web services.

Click Here for more information about DeployR.

Securing Your Information

Information security cannot become a casualty of big data analytics initiatives. Revolution R Enterprise helps you use all your information without adding risk:

  • Security Integration: Revolution Analytics products leverage the native security features of Hadoop, Linux, Windows, Teradata Database. This avoids the need for additional security frameworks and preserves existing best practices for information protection.
  • In-Database and In-Hadoop Analytics: Security vulnerabilities often arise move and duplicated on additional platforms. By analyzing data in place, movement and duplication are avoided, minimizing these common security risks.
  • Services-Based Deployment: Use of Revolution R Enterprise DeployR also enhances security, by enabling specific analytics to be run by authorized individuals. Click Here for more information about DeployR

Open Source Assurance

We are here to help you get the most out of R, and help you avoid legal actions by vigorously validating compliance open source licenses affecting our products.

Revolution Analytics distributes Revolution R Enterprise in strict compliance with GPLv2 open source licensing using an open core model. We aggressively manage our compliance with the help of outside counsel who are experts in open source licensing.

For more information on GPLv2 compliance and access to source code we distribute to comply with GPLv2, please refer our GPLv2 compliance page.

The Best of the Best

Among R solutions for enterprises, none provides the range of capabilities to help enterprises move R from the labs into enterprise deployment.

For more information about Revolution Analytics and our capabilities to support your enterprise deployments, click here to find out how to contact Revolution Analytics.

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