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Getting Up to Speed with R: Certificate Program in R for Statistical Analysis, Visualization and Modeling


Peter Bruce, Founder,

The Institute offers continuing education credits as well as a Program completion certificate. Courses are offered year-round (there is no semester system) on a flexible schedule. The content of the Program is the equivalent of 18 credits, in the US academic system. Faculty include R core development team members, package developers, authors of books on R: Paul Murrell, Hadley Wickham, Thomas Lumley, Sudha Purohit, Luis Torgo, John Verzani, others.

Learn about the structure of the certificate and available courses through the Institute, which are offered in 3 categories:

  • Basic programming skills in R
  • Statistical methods implemented in R
  • R applied to specific domains

View the presentation on Slideshare.

View the presentation on YouTube.