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Integrating R into 3rd party and Web applications using RevoDeployR


David Champagne, CTO, Revolution Analytics

Available for Revolution R Enterprise for servers, RevoDeployR is a Web Services framework that makes it easy for developers to integrate dynamic R-based computations into end-user applications. It allows data analysts working in R to publish R scripts to a server-based installation of Revolution R Enterprise. Application developers then employ the RevoDeployR Web Services API to securely and scalably integrate the results of these scripts into any application – without needing to learn the R language.

In this webinar, Revolution Analytics CTO David Champagne will show how application developers can combine interactive Web applications, desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel, and BI dashboards with on-demand analytics and advanced visualizations published by R programmers. The webinar will cover:

  1. Overview and usage of the RevoDeployR RESTful API;
  2. Setting up R Scripts and deploying them in the Management Console;
  3. Example of Web based application using the RevoDeployR Javascript library;
  4. Example of .NET and Excel based applications using RevoDeployR .NET/COM library;
  5. Example of integration into JasperReports Server using the RevoDeployR Java library.

This webinar is suitable for all developers who have a need to integrate on-demand predictive analytics and data visualizations into end-user applications. Examples will be given of integration via Java, Javascript, .NET and directly via Web Services; no knowledge of the R language will be assumed.