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Get Revolution R Enterprise

Revolution R Enterprise is available in Workstation and Server editions. All Revolution R Enterprise 7 editions are distributed with Open Source R (version 3.0.2), are 100% compatible with R scripts, functions and CRAN packages, and include phone and online technical support.

Revolution R Enterprise Workstation is for single users on Windows and Linux desktop/laptop computers with up to 8 cores.

Revolution R Enterprise Server is for unlimited users, and is supported on servers, clusters, grids, Hadoop, and enterprise data warehouse appliances. See a detailed list of supported platforms.


Download the modified sources of open-source R under the terms of the GNU Public License (version 2) (GPLv2)

Not sure which Revolution R Enterprise edition you need? See what’s included:

  Open Source R Workstation Server
Open Source R language (base and recommended packages) YES YES YES
Compatible with CRAN packages YES YES YES
RevoR: Optimized R distribution with multi-threaded Intel MKL Math Library NO YES YES
ConnectR: high-performance data import/export for XDF, SAS, SPSS, ASCII, Hadoop HDFS, Teradata TPT and ODBC NO YES YES
ScaleR: high-performance, big-data analytics NO YES YES
DevelopR: R language integrated development environment (IDE) for Windows desktops NO YES YES
DeployR: Web services API NO NO YES
DistributedR: Big-data computations across clusters, in Hadoop, and in databases and appliances NO NO YES
Cloud Compatible: Supported for deployment  in Amazon AWS, Rackspace or other cloud-based services NO NO YES
Technical Support from Revolution Analytics AVAILABLE YES YES

Which R is Right for Me?

There's a version of R for every type of user and budget. Find the R that's right for you by comparing the features of open-source R (from the R Foundation) with Revolution Analytics' enhanced software, Revolution R Enterprise for workstations and servers.