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PASS Business Analytics Conference


May 07 - 10 , 2014


San Jose, CA

Real-Time Big Data Analytics with R

Speaker(s): David Smith, Vice President Marketing, Revolution Analytics

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Advanced Analysis Techniques

Taking data science into action requires deploying statistical models into production environments, usually with real-time processing requirements. Every company that relies on predictive models to drive their applications and operations has a different process for model deployment, but by working with many such companies, a common pattern has emerged. The real-time model deployment process can be broken down into these five stages:

  • Data distillation
  • Model development
  • Model validation and deployment
  • Model refresh
  • Real-time model scoring

The R language, the lingua franca of data scientists, is widely used for model development. In this talk, we'll focus on the Big Data capabilities of Revolution R Enterprise and integrate R into this real-time analytics deployment process. We'll also explore how Revolution R Enterprise integrates with other technologies in the real-time analytics deployment process, including Hadoop, database warehousing systems, and end-user applications.

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