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Revolution Newsletters: Issue 42 - August 2013

We are well and truly into the dog days of summer and gearing up for a lot of big news coming your way in the fall! There are new training options, new webinars and more ways to connect with us at upcoming events. As always, we want to hear from you about how we can continue to improve this newsletter and all the other resources we provide on our website.

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  What is R?  
Has anyone ever asked you, “What is R?” Well, we made a video to help you explain. We encourage you to download, edit, remix, and share as you like. In fact, if you do remix and change it up, we would love to see your version! Email us your links so we can share your videos.

Revolution News
Every month, we bring you the latest news about Revolution's products and events in this section. Follow us on Twitter at @RevolutionR or subscribe to our company page on LinkedIn for up-to-the-minute news and updates from Revolution Analytics!

The August Webinar: High Performance Predictive Analytics in R and Hadoop
August 27th, 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT
In this webinar, you will learn the approach we have taken to porting our suite of high performance analytics algorithms to run natively and efficiently in Hadoop. Our algorithms are written in C++ and R, and are based on a platform that automatically and efficiently parallelizes a broad class of algorithms called Parallel External Memory Algorithms (PEMA’s). This platform abstracts both the inter-process communication layer and the data source layer, so that the algorithms can work in almost any environment in which messages can be passed among processes and with almost any data source.

Revolution Analytics in the News:
Symphony Analytics - New Revolution Analytics Partner Announcement
Together with Symphony Analytics, our joint customers can leverage the power of Revolution R Enterprise for advanced predictive analytics, while benefiting from Symphony Analytics’ extensive experience helping companies in key vertical markets implement solutions that help them quickly achieve business value and a greater return on their big data investments.
CMA Magazine
It's a bit of a brave, new world. Many of these data sources are new, and people aren't sure yet how to react.
Computer Business Review
We are already seeing huge interest in Revolution Analytics in Europe with over 100 customers engaged with us at various stages of the buying cycle over the last few months.
Digital News Asia
The first regional data centre focused on big data is in Singapore, opened recently by Dell, Intel and Revolution Analytics.
Statistics Views
Utilizing the Revolution R Enterprise predictive analytics platform within [X+1]’s Origin Enterprise Data Management Platform has helped [X+1] achieve unprecedented marketing optimization results. These results are due to the power of the predictive analytic models that are derived from Revolution Analytics’ RevoScaleR package for Big Data Analytics.
Information Management
In an intriguing Revolution Analytics’ webinar this week, European Services Director Andrie de Vries put a different spin on marketing attribution, conceptualizing an approach that uses survival analysis statistical methods borrowed from biostatistics and engineering.
Butler Analytics
Real analysts use R! Butler Analytics awards Revolution R Enterprise 4.5 stars out of 5 amongst 10 predictive analytics platforms.
German analyst, Experton Group
In their Big Data Vendor Benchmark 2013, Experton labels Revolution Analytics as a "Product Challenger" in the space. Revolution Analytics is gaining traction and poised to make our next move in the EU.

AcademyR - Training and Education

Are you ready for the Revolution Analytics US Training Tour? We are coming to a city near you starting September 2013! Have a look at our calendar and book your seats, today!

New Courses have been added to our ONLINE COURSE CALENDAR!
Advanced analytics for the insurance industry, marketing applications and Hadoop! Check out our dates and times and register soon to take advantage of our early bird discount.

Featured Archive Video: Using R with Hadoop

Upcoming Events
Revolution Analytics is proud to sponsor and attend the following events.

JSM in Montreal was a great show and a lot of fun. As part of our sponsorship of the event’s wifi, we hosted a brief survey and we will share the results with you, soon.

DataWeek 2013:
September 28 - October 3rd, 2013 - San Francisco, CA
DataWeek 2013 Conference + Festival is the second-annual 6-day, data-centric event in downtown San Francisco. Each day of DataWeek has a different business and technology focus ranging from the Saturday / Sunday hackathon activities, the Monday / Tuesday technical workshops, and the Wednesday / Thursday conference & expo. Revolution Analytics will be hosting 2 "R Workshops," a 40 minute session, a 40 minute panel and a R Meet-up.

R News, Tips and Tricks from the Revolutions blog
The Revolutions blog brings you daily news and tips about R, data science and open source. Here are some recent highlights, and you can find more articles in our monthly roundup.

High Performance Predictive Analytics in R and Hadoop: See US Chief Scientist Mario Inchosa’s presentation from this year’s Hadoop Summit.

Here’s an excellent example of Simpsons Paradox: In 2012 US median wages rose overall, but declined within every educational category.

A Shiny app by Ramnath Vaidyanathan displays the real-time status of bike-sharing programs in more than 100 cities

Three key benefits of integrating R and C++ code with the Rcpp package.

Highlights of the talks at the useR! 2013 conference in Spain, from Day 1 and Days 2-3.

An overview of the June 2013 edition of the R Journal.

Upcoming R User Group Events
Every month, we highlight some upcoming events from the R Community Calendar.

  • August 14: The Melbourne Users of R Network (MelbURN) will discuss Credit Scoring & R: Reject inference, nested conditional models & joint scores
  • August 14: The R User Group - Singapore (RUGS) will hear a presentation on Trading with R
  • August 15: The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill R Users Group will analyze the Kaggle Titanic Data Set.
  • August 15: The Twin Cities R User Group (TCRUG) will discuss R development, debugging and reference classes
  • August 19: The New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup will learn how to use Google’s Go programming language for statistics.
  • August 19: Ramnath Vaidyanathan will present the slidify and rCharts packages to the Statistical Programming DC
  • August 21: Dublin R will hold Part 2 of their workshop on Bayesian data analysis
  • August 21: The Nashville R Users Group will survey the R universe.
  • August 23: The Atlanta R Users Group will hear presentations on rHPCC and generalized boosting with the gbm and ada packages
  • August 23: The Santa Barbara R Users Group will hold a Kaggle Hack Night
  • August 24: The Dallas R Users Group will review the recent user! 2013 conference
  • September 3: The Durban R Users’ Group will meet.
  • September 4: The Sydney Users of R Forum (SURF) will discuss Leveraging R in Spotfire using Visual Analytics
  • September 12: The Central Jersey R User Group will hear a presentation on using R to analyze large databases of hospital costs
  • September 13: RBelgium will hear presentations on Latent Variable Analysis with the R package lavaan, Bayesian data analysis with R and the added value of analytics and R in business and industry
  • September 17: MelbURN will discuss web analytics with R

Please let us know if we're missing your R user group. If you're interested in starting a local R user group in your area, Revolution Analytics offers sponsorships for both new and established groups—and has published some tips for starting a new R user group.

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