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Revolution Newsletters: Issue 43 - September 2013

Welcome to the September edition of the Revolution Analytics newsletter. So, everyone (at least in the northern hemisphere) is back in school and we’ve been busy making announcements about running predictive models in Hadoop with Revolution R Enterprise. We’ve heard from some of you that this is a big deal for your deployments and we are looking forward to helping all of you take advantage of our coming functionality in your organization. As always, we want to hear from you about how we can continue to improve this newsletter and all the other resources we provide on our website.

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Your editor,
David Smith, VP Marketing and Community


  rrr, Mateys!  
September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! In honor of a day where we get to wander around saying, "Rrrrr!" we're hosting a photo contest for you to share with us your best Jolly Roger/Regina pose. You can tweet your photo with the hashtag #RPirate2013 and tag us @RevolutionR. We will choose 10 winners who will receive a pirate bandana, eyepatch, and an I <3 (Love) R t-shirt! Show us the cut of your jib!

Revolution News
Every month, we bring you the latest news about Revolution's products and events in this section. Follow us on Twitter at @RevolutionR or subscribe to our company page on LinkedIn for up-to-the-minute news and updates from Revolution Analytics!

The September Webinar: The Modern Data Architecture for Predictive Analytics with Revolution Analytics and Hortonworks Data Platform
September 24th, 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT
Hortonworks and Revolution Analytics have teamed up to bring the predictive analytics power of R to Hortonworks Data Platform. Hadoop, being a disruptive data processing framework, has made a large impact in the data ecosystems of today. Enabling business users to translate existing skills to Hadoop is necessary to encourage the adoption and allow businesses to get value out of their Hadoop investment quickly. R, being a prolific and rapidly growing data analysis language, now has a place in the Hadoop ecosystem. We will cover:

  • Trends and business drivers for Hadoop
  • How Hortonworks and Revolution Analytics play a role in the modern data architecture
  • How you can run R natively in Hortonworks Data Platform to simply move your R-powered analytics to Hadoop

Did you miss Mario Inchiosa's webinar: High Performance Predictive Analytics in R and Hadoop last month. The recording is now available!

Upcoming Webinars, Register for your spot, today:

  • 03Oct13 - R+Hadoop - Ask Bigger (and New) Questions and Get Better, Faster Answers
  • The integration of R-powered analytics in Hadoop presents a totally new value proposition. Organizations can write R code and deploy it natively in Hadoop without data movement or the need to write their own MapReduce. Bringing R-powered predictive analytics into Hadoop will accelerate Hadoop’s value to organizations by allowing them to break through performance and scalability challenges and solve new analytic problems.
  • 10Oct13 - Using Time to Event Models for Prediction and Inference
    with DataSong CEO, John Wallace
  • Companies are doing a better and better job of collecting data that explains why consumers behave the way they do. These diverse data sets cause us to rethink some of the workhorse algorithms for data analysis. Specifically, the traditional binary response model leaves much room for improvement in how it embraces time. Cross–sectional models allow much rich data to fall through the cracks. We’ll discuss real-world scenarios and how to better use data with time to event modeling.

Revolution Analytics in the News:
Revolution R Enterprise was recognized with DataWeek's Top Innovator award for Data Visualization.

Revolution Analytics has teamed with Cloudera to bring statistical models into Hadoop clusters from R

Symphony Analytics partners with Revolution Analytics to develop solutions in healthcare, retails and telecommunications.

PULSATE Announces Big Data Collaboration with Dell, Intel and Revolution Analytics

Revolution Analytics CTO Greg Todd on The Value of Data: All You Really Need to Know You Learned in Kindergarten

Should you be using R? 5 Key Considerations When Choosing Open Source Statistics Software

Are you ready for Big Data Analytics? This Slidecast from Revolution Analytics’ Bill Jacobs gives a preview of the forthcoming in-Hadoop R capabilities Revolution R Enterprise 7

AcademyR - Training and Education

Are your R programming skills a little flabby? Sign up for our new Big Data Analytics Boot Camp!

Don’t miss Allan Englehardt’s Using Advanced Analytics in the Insurance Industry this month, September 23rd - 27th!

New Courses have been added to our ONLINE COURSE CALENDAR!
Advanced analytics for marketing applications, forecasting and Hadoop! Check out our dates and times and register soon to take advantage of our early bird discount.

Featured Archive Video: Actuarial Analytics in R and the 5-minute version, too!

Upcoming Events
Revolution Analytics is proud to sponsor and attend the following events.

DataWeek 2013 - Sept 28 - Oct 3rd, 2013 - San Francisco, CA
DataWeek 2013 Conference + Festival is the second-annual 6-day, data-centric event in downtown San Francisco. Each day of DataWeek has a different business and technology focus ranging from the Saturday / Sunday hackathon activities, the Monday / Tuesday technical workshops, and the Wednesday / Thursday conference & expo. Revolution Analytics will be hosting 2 "R Workshops," on Oct 1st and 3rd as well as an R Meet-up at 6:00 PM Oct 2nd.

Customer Insights and Analytics in Banking Summit - Oct 1-2, 2013 - Atlanta, GA
The Customer Insights and Analytics Summit will focus in on winning strategies banks can employ to optimize the value of every customer. Revolution Analytics Chief Strategy Officer and VP of Product Marketing & Management, Michele Chambers, will be presenting “Apply Predictive Analytics to Web Data to Generate Business Critical Insights” in conjunction with Capital One.

Teradata Partner Conference & Expo - Oct 20-24, 2013 - Dallas, TX
Empower yourself with the knowledge to do more with data than you ever thought possible. Learn from the brightest executives, business analysts, data scientists and technologists as they showcase innovation and world-class methodologies for data integration, big data analytics, operations, integrated marketing management and more! Revolution Analytics will have 2 speakers at this year’s event: Bill Jacobs, Director of Product Marketing and Lee Edelfsen, Chief Scientist.

Strata Conference + Hadoop World - Oct 28-30, 2013 - New York, NY
Strata + Hadoop World is where big data's most influential decision makers, architects, developers, and analysts gather to shape the future of their businesses and technologies. Since joining forces last year, Strata + Hadoop World is also one of the largest gatherings of the Apache Hadoop community in the world, with emphasis on hands-on and business sessions on the Hadoop ecosystem. Revolution Analytics is pleased to offer you a 20% discount on registration fees to attend this year’s event. Please use the following code: REVOLUTION20.

R News, Tips and Tricks from the Revolutions blog
The Revolutions blog brings you daily news and tips about R, data science and open source. Here are some recent highlights, and you can find more articles in our monthly roundup.

Google has produced a series of introductory videos for beginners to R.

A tutorial on parallel programming with Revolution Analytics’ open-source R packages: foreach, doMC and doSNOW

Joe Rickert reviews R's capabilities for linear algebra, sparse matrices and big matrices

A catalog of free, public big data sets you can use with R

Demand for employees with R skills continues to rise, according to job posting data

How the City of Chicago uses R-based semantic analysis of tweets to identify outbreaks of food-borne illness

Upcoming R User Group Events
Every month, we highlight some upcoming events from the R Community Calendar.

  • September 13: RBelgium will think about moving from Excel with the XLConnect package, consider latent variable analysis in R with the Iavaan package and discuss the added value of R to business and industry.
  • September 16: The Burlington R Users will discuss version control with Git and Figshare
  • September 17: SURF, the Sydney Users of R Forum will discuss using the R packages forecast and zoo “to cash in on ATM withdrawals”
  • September 17: MelbURN, the Melbourne Users of R Network will discuss doing web analytics with R.
  • September 18: Dublin R will hold part 3 of their Bayesian Statistics with R workshop
  • September 18: Western Mass Data Science, Stats and R: Jay Emerson will present a crash course in Shiny via ShinyHelper
  • September 18: The Pittsburgh UseR Group will listen to multiple talks including applications of ifelse(), web scraping, interfacing between SAS and R, using C++ to speed up R and using R to model horse racing.
  • September 18: The Nashville R Users Group will meet.
  • September 19: The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill R Users Group will meet to discuss the role Big Data is expected to play in cyber security
  • September 24: The Denver R User Group will discuss the Programming with Big Data in R Project (pbdR)
  • September 24: AKLRUG, the Auckland R Users Group: Thomas Lumley will talk on using MonetDB with R for “largish” data
  • September 25: Data Science Luxembourg will debate R vs Python vs Mahout
  • September 26: RUGS, R User Group - Singapore, will get an overview of last July’s useR! conference.
  • September 26: R Addicts Paris will discuss parallelization and high performance calculations
  • September 26: Dublin R will listen to the talk “R-Adamant: Financial Technical Analysis Made Easy”
  • September 26: Western Mass Data Science, Stats and R will see a beginner’s guide to using SQLite and R
  • September 26: The Dallas R Users Group will tread dangerous ground and discuss “What Can R Tell Us About The Size of Women?”
  • September 30: Western Mass Data Science, Stats and R will consider the current and potential future uses for Big Data
  • September 30: The Seattle useR Group will listen to a talk on the sentiment analysis of R-help listserv
  • October 1: The Durban R Users’ Group will meet
  • October 1: In an event co-sponsored with DC-Python, Statistical Programming DC will will talk about data analysis with pandas and scikit-learn
  • October 2: Western Mass Data Science, Stats and R will hold a hands-on session for “Turning a group of programming newbies into R users”
  • October 2: In a meeting held in conjunction with Data week 2013, BARUG, The Bay Area useR Group, will hold its annual “Lightning Talk” event
  • October 8: StockholmR, The Stockholm R useR Group will listen to a talk on predicting business events with logistic regression
  • October 8: Vienna<-R will listen to several mini talks including topics such as Shiny, R in the Social Sciences and project Euler.
  • October 8: Dublin R will listen to an introduction to machine learning with R

Please let us know if we're missing your R user group. If you're interested in starting a local R user group in your area, Revolution Analytics offers sponsorships for both new and established groups—and has published some tips for starting a new R user group.

Interested in joining Revolution Analytics? We're hiring, so check out our careers page!