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Revolution Newsletters: Issue 7 - Aug 2010


Welcome to the August edition of the Revolution Newsletter! Every month, we'll bring you the latest news about R from Revolution Analytics and around the Web. We'll include tips and tricks on using R, events of interest to the R community, and information about products and initiatives from the team at Revolution Analytics. This newsletter is for you, so let us know what you think--send us feedback at my email address below. If you find this newsletter valuable, forward it to your friends. And if you've received this newsletter from a friend, you can subscribe here to get your own copy each month. Enjoy!

Your editor,

David Smith, VP Marketing

Twitter: @revodavid

Revolution News

Every month, we'll bring you the latest news about Revolution's products and events in this section. Follow us on Twitter at @RevolutionR for up-to-the-minute news and updates from Revolution Analytics!

New! Big Data for Revolution R. Revolution R Enterprise 4.0 is coming soon, with unprecedented new levels of capacity and performance for analyzing very large data sets. Learn more in the white paper Big Data Analysis with Revolution R Enterprise, or in these news articles at HPCwire, ZDNet and The Register. You can also see the new RevoScaleR package in action in this 6-minute video.

Free Webinar, August 25: Big Data Analysis for R. Join David Smith from Revolution Analytics for a live presentation of the new big-data capabilities of Revolution R Enterprise. In this webinar, you'll learn about the high-performance XDF data format, and the parallelized data manipulation and statistical routines of the new RevoScaleR package. Register for this free webinar now!

Revolution in the News. In addition to the "Big Data" news, Revolution's been making waves recently in the print, radio and online media. The Silicon Valley Business Journal looked at Revolution's plans for the future. Revolution's CEO Norman Nie was interviewed by BeyeNetwork and Internet Evolution Radio. And Information Management took a look at the Revolutions blog and the factors behind the growth of R.

Inside-R: A new site for the R Community. At you'll find the latest information about R from around the Web, searchable R documentation and packages, hints and tips about R, and more. You can even add a "Download R" badge to your own web-page to help spread the word about R.

R News, Tips and Tricks from the Revolutions blog

The Revolutions blog brings you daily news and tips about R, statistics and open source. Here are some highlights from Revolutions from the past month.

R in Finance. If you're looking for the latest innovations in R for Finance, look no further than the proceedings of the R/Finance 2010 conference (sponsored by Revolution Analytics). Here you'll find presentations about using R for trading, risk modeling, portfolio optimization, and much much more.

Visualizing the Census. R's prowess at displaying data as geographical maps is showcased at, where you can slice, dice and visualize data from the US Census.

Data from the Soccer World Cup. For football fans, you can find a wealth of data from the 2010 World Cup in an online Google Spreadsheet, which you can easily import into R with a single command.

Free book: Probability and Statistics with R. If you need to get someone up to speed (or take a refresher) on doing basic probability and statistics in R, check out this book by G Jay Kearns. It's free to download, or you can purchase a printed copy.

Looking for more R tips and tricks? Check out the monthly round-ups at the Revolutions blog.

Upcoming Events

Every month, we'll highlight some upcoming events from R Community Calendar.

August 21: The Dallas R User Group meets.

August 23: The Canberra R User Group meets in Australia's capital for an open discussion.

August 24: The Boston group will feature presentations on BLAS, reporting, and editors for R.

August 25: The new Singapore R User Group holds their first meeting. There is also a user group meeting in Seattle (discussing the BioConductor project), and the Washington, DC group holds a Knowledge BaR event where you can bring your own R questions to other users.

August 26: The Chicago group has lightning talks (including one on parallel virtual memory mapping), and the new Research and Analytics group in Pasadena has an "Introduction to R" session.

September 2: The New York City group has a session on "R and Open Data".

September 14: The Bay Area UseR group meets at the Oracle campus in Redwood City.

There are also new R user groups in Slovenia, Portland (Oregon), Melbourne (Australia) and Raleigh-Durham. Please let us know if we're missing your R user group, or if want to get a new one started.