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Cloudera and Revolution Analytics Make it Easy to Deploy and Manage R-Powered Analytics in Hadoop

Revolution Analytics and Cloudera joint solution combines the power of R and Hadoop for organizations ready to break the status quo and shatter the scalability and deployment limits that have encumbered their ability to use R with Hadoop for advanced analytics projects. Organizations can now apply turbo-charged R to all the data in Hadoop, to discover deeper insights, grow more quickly, and operate more efficiently.

Ask bigger questions. Ask new questions.  And get better, faster results.

Delivering R-powered Advanced Analytics to All Your Data in Hadoop

Cloudera and Revolution Analytics allow you to derive new business insights from Big Data by providing a joint solution to store, process, and analyze all your data at scale.

Revolution Analytics’ enterprise-ready product, Revolution R Enterprise (RRE), delivers R-powered advanced predictive analytics to Cloudera so that the most advanced statistical methods can be applied to all your data. Organizations can deploy any R script within Cloudera without the need to write their own MapReduce and without data movement. With RRE and Cloudera Hadoop, organizations can:

  •     Bring R-powered analytics that scale into Cloudera Hadoop
  •     Reduce the cycle time for model development, deployment, and execution
  •     Develop better models using all the data, providing superior results
  •     Integrate with existing BI, rules engines, and transaction systems
  •     Manage the Revolution R Enterprise (RRE) work and Hadoop resources directly through Cloudera Manager