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Teradata and Revolution Analytics Take R In-Database

Revolution R Enterprise brings massively parallel analytical processing inside the Teradata platform.

The partnership between Revolution Analytics and Teradata brings enterprise-class R in-database, and provides massively parallel analytical processing inside the Teradata platform. With Revolution R Enterprise 7 on the Teradata 14.10 platform, R users have an out-of-the-box solution for running R-based analytics in parallel, in-database, and at scale. This combination brings:

  • Faster Results: In-database operation brings computational parallelism that dramatically accelerates the delivery of results from your data, and eliminates the need to move data to a middle tier for analysis.
  • Reduced Latency by eliminating Data Movement:  Running In-Database has dramatic effects on big data analytics by eliminating the need to move data to analytics servers before initiating exploration, modeling or scoring. 
  • Expanded Capabilities:  The computational performance of Revolution R Enterprise scales linearly with system size, enabling developers to run more sophisticated and more numerous analytic models on larger sets of your company’s data. Transparent in-database execution reduces dependence on IT staff to move data, freeing developers to pursue more forward-thinking projects, including developing applications that enhance big data discovery.
  • Reduced Costs and Risks: Accelerating analytics with in-database processing reduces the need for additional data marts.  R is widely known and taught, broadening the available talent pool, reducing training burdens, shortening ramp-up time, and cutting project cost. Based on open source R, Revolution R Enterprise typically costs less than half as much as other solutions.

How Revolution R Enterprise and Teradata Work Together

Revolution R Enterprise provides powerful analytical algorithms that run in parallel on execution platforms, without the need for moving. Teradata is the first in-database platform to support these algorithms. Now, R programmers use the Revolution R Enterprise IDE on a workstation or laptop to build R scripts, and then transparently execute them in Teradata from their workstations or laptops.  Programmers use familiar R functions and standard R data frames to manipulate the data directly or embed SQL – whichever they prefer.

The highest possible performance is achieved because Revolution R Enterprise for Teradata includes a library of Parallel External Memory Algorithms (PEMAs).  PEMAs are pre-built, extended-memory, parallelized versions of the most common statistical and predictive analytics algorithms and run directly in parallel on the Teradata nodes. These PEMAs run in-database, so that not only is analytical speed improved, but data is also analyzed in-place in the database, eliminating data movement delays and latency.

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