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Revolution R Enterprise
Big Data Big Analytics with R

Discover the fastest, most cost effective, enterprise-class, big data big analytics software available. With high-performance advanced analytics, Revolution R Enterprise unlocks the insight hidden in Big Data with the power of the R language, the #1 choice of today’s data scientists. RRE is now available for desktop, server or on the AWS Marketplace.

R: The Standard for Modern Analytics

R is the most widely used statistical language today: it’s the #1 choice of data scientists with more than two million users worldwide. Top university talent are graduating with R skills, ready to help global enterprises innovate and realize value from Big Data. With a variety of data visualization, statistical analysis, predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities, Revolution R Enterprise offers the best of both worlds. Get cost-effective and fast big data analytics, and full compatibility with the R language: the de facto standard for modern analytics users.

Write Once, Deploy Anywhere
Big Data

Revolution R Enterprise provides R users with the same analytical capabilities on Hadoop, in Teradata EDWs and various clustered systems that it provides on Windows and Linux systems.  Write Once Deploy Anywhere simplifies development and deployment, bringing large scale analytics within reach, while reducing platform dependence and greatly simplifying transitions to new environments. The other changes are to the RRE and AWS data sheets which I will update and send to you, today.

High Performance Advanced Analytics

Unlock the power of R with the innovative extensions of Revolution R Enterprise. Speed up computations and optimize use of multi-core hardware and with multi-threaded execution. Eliminate memory constraints with high-performance disk-based data objects and streaming data connections. Scale dozens of R functions for data processing, descriptive statistics, data visualization, and predictive modeling to Big Data with PEMAs: parallel external-memory algorithms from Revolution Analytics.

Rapid Development, Faster Decisions

Building and testing R scripts to deliver big data analytics is easier with Revolution R Enterprise DevelopR, an easy-to-use Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for quickly building and debugging R scripts. With Revolution R Enterprise DeployR, data scientists can publish R analytics to a secure server, and expose them to apps via a developer-friendly Web Services API. Supercharge the spreadsheets, BI dashboards, and business apps your decision makers are already using with the power of R — in real time.

Enterprise Assurance

By embracing open source R, and then further testing and validating each new revision, Revolution R Enterprise validates stable, proven releases of R for deployment. Technical support, consulting and training services from Revolution Analytics provide the expertise and confidence to integrate R into mission-critical production applications.