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R Language Resources

Get Started With R

Here are three suggestions for absolute beginners.

Consult Some Basic Resources

Read a Book

Find R Packages

  • CRAN Task Views -- The list of 2000+ add-on packages for R can be daunting, but these Task Views list the most important ones in domain-specific areas as diverse as FinanceClinical Trials, and Machine Learning.
  • -- On the other hand, if you're looking for a specific page, you can search by keyword at this interactive directory of all R packages. You can also log in and rate and comment on packages.
  • rseek – a search engine for R

Get Help

  • R Mailing Lists – Signing up for the R Mailing lists, especially R-help
  • StackOverflow -- Got a question about R? Search for questions tagged with "r" and you'll probably find your question already answered. If not, ask away!

Take a Course