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Revolution R Enterprise

Bringing scale and speed to Big Data Big Analytics using the R Language

Industry’s Most Capable Big Data Big Analytics Platform

Revolution R Enterprise is the fastest, most cost effective enterprise-class big data big analytics platform available today.  Supporting a variety of big data statistics, predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities, Revolution R Enterprise is also 100% R.  Revolution R Enterprise provides users with the best of both – cost-effective and fast big data analytics that are fully compatibility with the R language, the de facto standard for modern analytics users.

Offering high-performance, scalable, enterprise-capable analytics, Revolution R Enterprise supports a variety of analytical capabilities including exploratory data analysis, model building and model deployment.

Broad Analytics Capability

Revolution R Enterprise accelerates traditional statistical analysis using big data computation and data management techniques.  With Revolution R Enterprise, R users can explore, model, and predict at scale:

  • Explore and model large data at speed of thought
  • Reduce your model development lifecycle
  • Build hundreds of models for diverse data sets
  • Create ensemble models to achieve better fidelity and improve lift of predictive models
  • Score large data sets in near real-time
  • Re-train models frequently to maintain accuracy and lift
  • Run large scale compute-intensive simulations at speed
  • Build recommendation engines using machine learning algorithms
  • Integrate analytics directly into enterprise applications

Statistical, Predictive and Machine Learning Analytical Capabilities

The R language includes a plethora of freely available analytics that range from general statistical, predictive and machine learning analytics to highly specialized analytics that are very specific use cases or verticals. All of these are available for use with Revolution R Enterprise. Revolution R Enterprise also achieves increased scale and performance when using open source R algorithms.

Additionally, Revolution R Enterprise includes supercharged versions of commonly used analytics that are ready-to-use, out-of-the-box for Big Data Big Analytics. With each new release we deliver additional big data-ready algorithms that address emerging needs.

R Analytics at Scale: The Best of Both…

With Revolution R Enterprise, users of R, the most popular analytics language in the world, can rapidly solve big data big analytics problems at speed and at scale.  Skill requirements are minimal – usable by any R programmer, without learning additional languages and techniques such as Java, SQL and parallel programming.

Runs R at Speed and Scale in Parallel Systems

Revolution R Enterprise scales and accelerates R, running R scripts in a high-performance parallel architecture that supports systems from workstations to clustered systems.  Click here to learn about our supported platforms.

With versions for leading Hadoop and EDW platforms, Revolution R Enterprise scales analytics to even greater levels of data and computational scale. Click here to learn about new versions for Hadoop and Teradata EDW environments.

No R Left Behind

Revolution R Enterprise is 100% R.  R users have at their fingertips, the entire capabilities of the R language, plus the benefits of the large and growing R user community:

  • 100% R Analytics –100% compatible with open source R
  • 100% R Graphics – Supports all of R’s rich graphical rendering capabilities
  • Supports Thousands of Freely-Available R algorithms – Support for algorithms from CRAN and other open source repositories
  • The R Community – Hundreds of R trained data scientists that are active in user groups both local and online

For more information about the R language and its capabilities, click here.

Expanding the Big Data Analytics Talent Pool

The R language is the de facto standard among analytics languages, with the broadest usage of all general purpose data analytics tools.  By making Big Analytics on Big Data possible using R, legions of R users can support Big Data analytics initiatives, greatly expanding the available pool of talent and reducing costs and risk for companies building big data analytics into their business capabilities.

By providing a big data capable platform for R, data scientists no longer require java, MapReduce, SQL programming and parallel architecture skills.  This enables a far larger population of users to create Big Data analytics applications.

No Limits

Revolution R Enterprise powers Big Data analytics with a series of unique innovations: 

  • Freedom From Memory Constraints enables analysis of terabyte-sized data sets
  • Transparent Distribution of Computations distributes work in parallel to all nodes of clustered systems to maximize computational scale
  • Runs Analytics In-Database and In-Hadoop runs sub-tasks on nodes closest to the data, eliminating data movement and maximizing throughput
  • Our Accelerated R Interpreter speeds through analytics using linear mathematics libraries optimized for multi-threaded, multi-core and distributed execution

Huge gains in computational scale become practical by dividing computational work evenly across many compute nodes, and locating each compute task on a CPU near the data it acts upon.  Revolution R Enterprise provides transparent, in-Hadoop and in-Database capability for leading Hadoop distributions, EDWs and clustered servers.  By running R analytics inside large parallel systems like these, Revolution R Enterprise maximizes the range of computational and data scale available to designers.

For more information on the Revolution R Enterprise performance architecture click here.

Simplifying Big Data Analytics

Building and testing R scripts to deliver big data analytics is easier with Revolution R Enterprise DevelopR, an easy-to-use Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for quickly building and debugging R scripts. Once built, R analytics are easily deployed through integration with leading enterprise application and desktop environments using Revolution R Enterprise DeployR.

Embrace Big Data R with Confidence

R users can tackle big data analytics challenges with confidence with Revolution R Enterprise:

  • Enterprise Stability:  RRE 7 provides a stabilized platform for deploying analytics widely.  By embracing open source R, and then further testing and validating each new revision, RRE 7 ensures that only stable, proven releases of R are provided for deployment.  For more information about Enterprise Assurance, click here.
  • Enterprise Integration: Creating a culture to promote analytics-driven decision-making requires delivery of analytics through a variety of enterprise applications and platforms. RRE 7’s DeployR component integrates R analytics into broader enterprise application frameworks ranging from BI tools to Rules Engines using a services-oriented framework.  Click here for more information on integrating R analytics into other applications.
  • Write Once Deploy Anywhere Portability:  Revolution R Enterprise provides portability that enables developers to write their R scripts once, and deploy them on a variety of systems. Contact Revolution Analytics for a list of supported platforms.
  • Simplified Development:  Revolution R Enterprise works with multiple Interactive Development Environments (IDEs) including RRE DevelopR, a Windows Visual Studio-based IDE designed for R.  In addition, other R IDEs including RStudio also work with Revolution R Enterprise. 
  • Coherent, Cost-Effective Solutions:  Revolution R Enterprise is a single product that leverages widely-available R skills, not a maze of separately licensed bundles requiring expensive talent and knowledge of proprietary solutions.

Which R is Right for Me?

There's a version of R for every type of user and budget. Find the R that's right for you by comparing the features of open-source R (from the R Foundation) with Revolution Analytics' enhanced software, Revolution R Enterprise for workstations and servers.

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