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Revolution R Enterprise ConnectR

All Your Data, All The Time

Bring your data together in R, reducing ETL requirements and enabling R users to work quickly on fast-changing data portfolios.

Big Data analytics is fast-changing.  This volatility assures that R analysts and IT teams supporting them are constantly challenged to leverage new data quickly to accelerate delivery of new insights.

To many data warehousing experts, collecting all data within the warehouse is considered “good practice”.  Analytics developers often discover valuable new data sources and techniques in the course of developing insights.  If projects have to stop awaiting ETL development, progress becomes haltingly slow.

Access Data In-Place In A Variety of Data Sources

Within Revolution R Enterprise, ConnectR provides a library of connectors and data adapters that enable R users to access a variety of data in other databases and file systems from within R scripts – without first building ETL processes to integrate new data into the warehouse or server file system.

Access Data From Legacy Analytics Tools Including SAS and SPSS

Moreover, where legacy analytical systems have been in use, data may be available in SAS or SPSS files.  ConnectR can connect to SAS and SPSS data, simplifying deployment and shortening analytics projects.

Partial Supported Platforms List

We are constantly adding new data sources and data types, so the list below may not be complete.  Please check with our Revolution Analytics team to get the latest list of supported platforms by clicking here.

Partial List of Supported Data Stores:

  • Windows
  • Windows Server
  • Linux
  • Hadoop HDFS
  • Hadoop Hive

Partial List of Supported Data Types:

  • ODBC
  • Delimited
  • Fixed width
  • Comma Separated Value
  • SAS
  • SPSS

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