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RRE for Hadoop Users

The Revolution R Enterprise for Hadoop Quick Start Program helps data analysts and IT teams to explore the powerful combination of Revolution R Enterprise and Hadoop and develop competency through a combination of training, consulting/ services and software. The Revolution R Enterprise for Hadoop Quick Start Program focuses on three areas; your people, your infrastructure and your analytic capabilities. Depending upon the scope of the immediate problem(s) your team is trying to solve we offer two different types of programs - 4 weeks and 6 weeks.

Training Your People for Success

At the end of the program, your team will be prepared to begin taking on initial pilot projects involving use of Revolution R Enterprise with Hadoop.

The Quick Start training curriculum includes two courses from AcademyR. They provide an introduction to the use of Revolution R Enterprise with Hadoop for data manipulation, data exploration, graphing, data mining using trees and forests, and predictive analytics using linear regression models, Generalized Linear Models, Unsupervised models and other techniques. The courses combine instructor led-learning and hands-on work.

Training Curriculum

Course Duration (days) Classroom Virtual Classroom
Fundamentals of R 1
Introduction to Hadoop with Revolution R Enterprise 1
Modeling in Revolution R Enterprise for Hadoop Users 1

Note: R and Hadoop knowledge are prerequisites. For those who want to strengthen their mastery of R prior to learning about how to use Revolution R Enterprise in Hadoop environments, additional training courses may be added, such as “Managing Data with R.”.

We’ll Deliver Value Together

Your team gets full support for the installation and preliminary testing of the Revolution R Enterprise software. Our experts work side-by-side with yours to evaluate possible use cases, develop prototype code and generate results for a simple analytics test case. With this experience your team is ready to plan, develop and deploy your first prototype analytics application or use the Revolution R Enterprise technology to improve an existing application.

Results You Can See

Documentation and presentation of program results demonstrates the value of the work done as well as helping you to lay the groundwork for future development and program requirements. Your team and leadership are fully briefed on your success and you have a blueprint for carrying your success forward.

Sample Revolution Analytics + Hadoop Infrastructure

Why Should You Do This?

Revolution R Enterprise runs inside Hadoop, bringing R-powered analytics to Hadoop more easily than ever before. You don’t need to move your data and you can use all of it in your analysis, so you can build new models faster, or supplement existing analytics applications with new data and score models in Hadoop. This Quick Start program will help you understand how you can use Revolution R Enterprise to take advantage of the newest advancements in Big Data: the new statistical methods available first in R, new thinking and new economic models made possible by Hadoop.

Time to start your own Revolution!

Contact us, today, to find out how to launch your own Quick Start program.