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RRE for SAS Users

The Revolution R Enterprise for SAS Users Quick Start Program is designed to address the areas of your existing program necessary for successful deployment and operation. Depending upon the scope of your project we provide two types of programs; 4 weeks or 6 weeks.

Training Your People for Succes

Our team of expert trainers and consultants will work directly with your team to deliver both the classroom learning and the practical, hands-on experience needed to develop a level of comfort and competence with Revolution R Enterprise. Knowledge helps break down the resistance to change that is present in every organization. We will help get your team ready to make room for new projects and procedures.

  • Introduction to R for SAS Users
  • Big Data Analytics using Revolution R Enterprise

Prepping Your Infrastructure for Performance

Your team gets full support for the installation and preliminary testing of the Revolution R Enterprise server. Our experts work side-by-side with yours to develop prototype code and generate results for a simple analytics test case. With this experience your team is ready to plan, develop and deploy your first prototype analytics application or use the Revolution R Enterprise technology to improve an existing application.

Delivering Results Faster and Easier

Documentation and presentation of program results demonstrates the value of the work done as well as helping you to lay the groundwork for future development and program requirements. Your team and leadership are fully briefed on your success and you have a blueprint for carrying your success forward.

Why Should You Do This?

Your company's analytics programs are living, evolving things that change to meet the demands of your business and the realities of your staffing, infrastructure and budget. Through your efforts to be responsive, even proactive, within your environment; seeking out complementary or alternative software systems is core to your mission in carrying your program forward. As a SAS customer you are aware of the open source R language and may have discounted its ability to meet your production needs. Now looking at Revolution R Enterprise, you are seeing a viable production technology to complement your current SAS subscription.

Time to start your own Revolution!

Contact us, today, to find out how to launch your own Quick Start program.