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Technical Support Policies

Revolution Analytics Technical Support Policies

Revolution Analytics Technical Support takes pride in aiding our customers to make the best use of Revolution R through fast, effective and courteous support, flexible self-help tools and access to services to improve your ability to use predictive analytics effectively in your organization.  The following services and policies will set expectations surrounding your relationship with Revolution Analytics Technical Support.

Supported Versions

Revolution Analytics will provide support to customers using the most current software and the previous release.  Operating Systems support is listed on the Support website under supported platforms.  A supported platform has been completely tested and certified as properly functioning with the Revolution software.  While some other platforms may work, they will not be supported should there be some interaction defect between the software and the platform.  Support will make reasonable effort to assist in unsupported platforms but makes no guarantee.  Revolution Analytics will provide a 6 month grace period to allow for upgrade scheduling.

Package Support

Revolution Analytics stands by its products, which include as component pieces the R language and the full set of R base and recommended packages, together with Revolution Analytics packages and certain other R language packages that we may bundle with our products. Packages installed as part of a standard Revolution R or Revolution R Enterprise installation may be considered “supported packages.” Except for these packages installed as part of a standard Revolution R or Revolution R Enterprise installation, Revolution Analytics does not support third-party R language packages.

R Code Review

Revolution Analytics Technical Support will assist you in reviewing your code with respect to errors and unexpected results.  We may need parts of your code to replicate issues you are experiencing.  For coding questions related to statistical methodologies, custom coding to solve a particular use case, optimizing for speed and accuracy and creating new R packages for reuse and distribution, Support may refer your request to our Professional Services group to obtain a quote on the work.

Support Hours

Support is provided in English from a global distributed team.  Standard support hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday based on the asset location.  Support cases may be opened outside regional hours electronically (email/web) but will not be responded to until the next business day within SLA.  Premium Support customers will be able to open case 24 hours a day.  Severity 1 cases will be serviced on Weekends and Holidays via telephone only.

Problem Response Time

Problems reported to the Technical Support team will be assigned to an engineer that will review the information and provide useful feedback and possibly solutions within a time frame based on the mutually agreed upon severity. 

Reporting Problems

Revolution Analytics Technical Support strives to meet and exceed our service level targets.  In order to resolve issues in the most efficient manner, we request the following information.

  • Customer Name, Account Name, Version of Revolution R, Operating system version and a description of the problem and any error message you are receiving.
  • If the issue is a Critical production down issue, we would suggest that contact be made via telephone.
  • For problem reported via email or our webform, you will receive an email confirming receipt of the problem.  If you do not receive an email confirming, you may want to call to verify the issue has been received.

Resolving Problems

Due to the complex nature of software development and operating environments, Revolution Analytics cannot guarantee the time it will take to resolve a problem.  Revolution Analytics will use all commercially reasonable business resources to insure the timely resolution of problems.

To Raise a Support Ticket

  1. Visit the Revolution Analytics page on
  2. When the page loads, select a ‘Problem Type’ and ‘Category’, and then click the 'Start Request' blue button
  3. Sign in using a Microsoft account.  If you do not have a Microsoft account, please create one.  (Note: It’s free to create a Microsoft account.  This information is used to auto-populate your name and contact information when creating a support incident). 
  4. Once logged into your account, select “Use my existing contract (Access ID)”, and enter your Access ID and Contract ID (password)
  5. Move through the online steps and submit the incident
  6. You will receive an email confirming your request upon submission

Using your company’s Premier login information

If you currently use Microsoft Premier to receive support for other Microsoft products, you can use your existing Premier login information to submit a ticket for Revolution through the Premier pick-list.  Until your current contract with Revolution Analytics expires (end date included above), the support you receive for the product will not be charged against your existing Premier contract (support for other products will continue to charge against your contract). Once your contract with Revolution Analytics expires, we will assist you to renew the contract to fit your business needs, and your Technical Account Manager(s) (TAM), who is/are cc’d on this email, can assist with any Premier support related questions you may have. Please note that while you are accessing support through this new channel, the SLA level in your current Revolution contract remains effective through the expiration date of that contract