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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Revolution R Enterprise

R, the most powerful and flexible statistical programming language in the world, is already used by more than two million academics and researchers worldwide. Now, R is Ready for Business(tm) with Revolution R Enterprise, the enhanced and commercially supported distribution of R.

Harvard Business Review on Big Data

Bundled with additional tools and support for enterprise installation and deployment, Revolution R Enterprise brings performance and power, greater productivity and enterprise readiness to R for data analysts at work - for a fraction of the cost of legacy commercial statistical software.

Here the top 10 reasons you should use Revolution R Enterprise for data analysis:

Greater Productivity

  1. SAS Data Access. Unlock data stored in SAS(r) with the ability to import SAS files directly into R, without the need for a separate SAS license.
  2. Modern Editing and Debugging for R: Includes a complete IDE for the R language with a syntax-aware script editor for highlighting, indentation, and more. A full-featured visual debugger provides one-click breakpoints and step processing to improve code quality and the productivity of every R programmer.
  3. Bundled with the Best from the Community: Revolution R Enterprise is compatible with all 3,500+ open-source packages developed by the R community. Key community packages come pre-installed for convenience and are also covered by the Revolution Analytics expert technical support service.

Performance and Power

  1. Multi-processor performance. By linking with high-performance, multi-threaded Intel® Math Kernel Library, Revolution R Enterprise uses the power of multiple processors to run common matrix calculations in a fraction of the time.
  2. Access Big Data: Revolution R breaks through R's memory barrier, by providing an out-of-memory data store that supports data sets with thousands of variables and millions of rows. Easily process and select smaller aggregates from this data store using R commands, instantly making Big Data accessible to all of R's thousands of in-memory analytics and data visualization functions.
  3. Analyze Big Data, Fast: Revolution R Enterprise parallel, distributed algorithms enable statistical analysis of Big Data at unparalleled speed. Perform cross-tabulations, linear regressions and logistic regressions without the need for sampling or expensive specialized hardware. Use the power of multi-core servers, high-performance computing grids, Big Data appliances and Hadoop to scale to even larger data.

Enterprise Readiness

  1. A Stable R Distribution for Single Users and Teams: Built on the latest stable distribution of R and subjected to a rigorous build and test process, our single-user workstations and multi-user server editions ensure your teams are all working on a standardized platform. Supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Microsoft Windows workstations and servers.
  2. Integrate R into User Applications. DeployR, a server-based platform for Revolution R Enterprise, makes R ready for enterprise deployment. A scalable Web Services API makes it easy for application developers to securely integrate results computed in R into BI dashboards, spreadsheets, custom web applications and more.
  3. Support and Services. Revolution Analytics offers installation assistance and production-level support for our Enterprise subscribers - giving you a direct response for your specific question or issues. Our expert team is made up of experienced statisticians and support engineers, who will help you with the R language and advanced Revolution R Enterprise features. R training and consulting services are also available.
  4. Adapting to Changing Needs. Revolution R Enterprise is continuously evolving to meet the requirements of modern data analysts. Coming soon: an easy-to-use graphical user interface, more statistical algorithms for Big Data, additional support for computing on local grids and in the cloud, integration with enterprise data stores including Hadoop, and much much more.

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