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Building and Deploying Customer Behavior Models Webinar


Paul Maiste, President and CEO of Lityx

Intelligent marketing requires intelligent analytics. Building, validating and deploying customer behavior models has, historically, been a long, complicated and resource-intensive process. With the volume and velocity of data continuing to get bigger and faster, marketers have long been playing catch up; waiting months for data scientists and IT departments to develop and deploy models and processes that are already out of date by the time they are put into production.  This webinar will demonstrate how marketers can easily harness the power of big data without having to be an expert coder or statistician with LityxIQ and RRE 7.0.  We’ll also show how the experienced data scientist can more efficiently support their business users by building and deploying complex models much more quickly than before.  We’ll provide case studies that describe how to build, validate, and deploy customer behavior models such as acquisition and churn in record time.