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Calling All Data Scientists and Web Developers! Integrate Your Advanced Analytics into BI Apps and MS Office and Multiply Their Value


David Champagne, CTO, Revolution Analytics



Advanced analytics is increasingly moving out of "research" and into "operations." Teams of statistical experts - data scientists - are at the center of decision-making ecosystems where the purpose is to save money, reduce risk or increase revenue or customer loyalty. By integrating them into BI applications or MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint), trading models, risk models, recommendation engines, clinical efficacy analyses and visualizations empower an organization's people and can drive systems that automate operations.

But how can application developers quickly and easily make the results of their dynamic R-based computations easily accessible to business decision-makers accustomed to Microsoft Office applications such as Excel or PowerPoint spreadsheets or business intelligence tools?

RevoDeployR is a Web Services framework that makes it easy for developers to integrate dynamic R-based computations into end-user applications. It allows data analysts working in R to publish R scripts to a server-based installation of Revolution R Enterprise. Application developers then employ the RevoDeployR Web Services API to securely and scalably integrate the results of these scripts into any application - without needing to learn the R language.

In this webinar, Revolution Analytics CTO David Champagne will show how application developers can combine interactive Web applications, desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel, and BI dashboards with on-demand analytics and advanced visualizations published by R programmers. The webinar will cover:

  1. Overview and usage of the RevoDeployR RESTful API;
  2. Setting up R Scripts and deploying them in the Management Console;
  3. Example of Web based application using the RevoDeployR Javascript library;
  4. Example of .NET and Excel based applications using RevoDeployR;
  5. An interactive market basket analysis demonstration that brings RevoDeployR to life.

This webinar is suitable for all developers who have a need to integrate on-demand predictive analytics and data visualizations into end-user applications. Examples will be given of integration via Java, Javascript, .NET and directly via Web Services; no knowledge of the R language will be assumed.