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Creating Value That Scales with Revolution Analytics & Alteryx


David Smith, VP Marketing and Community, Revolution Analytics
Dr. Dan Putler, Data Artisan in Residence, Alteryx
Matt Madden, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Alteryx

Predictive analytics is on the rise and there are critical power users within most organizations that are tasked with supporting the business. However, traditional solutions make it impossible for them to scale the value of predictive analytics to all the needs of their organization. Alteryx and Revolution Analytics combine the easy-to-use Alteryx analytics platform with the production-ready Revolution R Enterprise solution, delivering a deployment platform for Big Data and predictive analytics across the organization.

Learn and see how Alteryx and Revolution Analytics combine to support power predictive users and analysts alike to:

  •     Create high-value R-based analytics with any data including Big Data in Hadoop
  •     Deploy enterprise-scale, predictive analytics for on-demand use by any user
  •     Deliver business insights to a broader audience in hours not weeks