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Introducing Revolution R Enterprise 7: The Big Data Big Analytics Platform


Michele Chambers, Chief Strategy Officer & VP of Product Management, Revolution Analytics
Thomas Dinsmore, Director of Product Management, Revolution Analytics

The Revolution R Enterprise Big Data Big Analytics (BDBA) platform super-charges organizations beyond the status quo in order to expedite discovery, accelerate growth and sharpen operations. It’s the transformative platform that helps organizations leverage what’s new and disruptive about BDBA: new analytic methods, new data types, new platforms like Hadoop and second-generation EDWs, a vibrant R community and analytic consumers’ increasing hunger for concise, actionable data.

Revolution R Enterprise 7 is the most powerful, scalable, portable and innovative platform for Big Data Big Analytics.

Join Chief Strategy Officer and VP of Product Management and Marketing Michele Chambers and Director of Product Management Thomas Dinsmore to learn more about Revolution R Enterprise 7.

About the speakers:

About the Speakers:
Speaker photoAbout the speaker

Michele Chambers is an entrepreneurial executive with over 25 years of industry experience. As the Chief Strategy Officer at Revolution Analytics, Michele is responsible for corporate strategy, product management and product marketing. Michele's passion is helping companies identify new areas to apply analytics that drive high business value and create sustainable differentiation in the market. Michele was formerly the GM & VP Big Data Analytics at IBM. Her team was responsible for working with customers to fully exploit the IBM Big Data platform including the IBM Netezza appliance via scalable, high performance advanced analytics on IBM Netezza's massively parallel computing platform. Michele was responsible for guiding the vision, strategy, sales and go-to-market for IBM Netezza Analytics. Michele is the co-author of “Big Data Big Analytics” (Wiley) that helps businesses and IT managers/executives understand the value of big data through practical use case stories along with consumable descriptions of the enabling technology. She holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Nova Southeastern University and an MBA from Duke University.

Thomas is Director of Product Management for Revolution Analytics. Prior to joining Revolution Analytics, Thomas was an Analytics Solution Architect in IBM Big Data Solutions, where he helped clients build analytic enterprises with IBM PureData System for Analytics (Powered by Netezza). Over the past 25 years he has led or contributed to analytic solutions for more than five hundred clients across vertical markets and around the world. Although his roots are in hands-on customer analytics, in the past fifteen years Thomas has expanded the scope of his experience to include analytic software applications and broader solutions including database integration and web applications. As a project lead, he has worked with DB2, Oracle, Netezza, SQL Server and Teradata. Thomas is certified in SAS, and has working experience with the leading analytic tools available in the market today, including R, SPSS, and Oracle Data Mining.

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