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Why Revolution Analytics?

With over 2 million users and growing, the open source programming language known as "R" has emerged as the new de facto standard for computational statistics and predictive analytics.

Since 2007 Revolution Analytics has worked to foster growth and learning within the R Community, as well as actively supporting the needs of the increasing ranks of commercial users.

Our flagship Revolution R software and services suite, is the innovative leader in Big Data, enterprise analytics. Powered by the R language, Revolution R is used by enterprises with massive data, performance and multi-platform requirements who need to drive down the cost of Big Data.

The suite includes Revolution R Open, a free, enhanced open-source R distribution. Revolution R Enterprise delivers parallelized analytics to the heart of Big Data platforms including data warehouses and Hadoop.

We partner with our customers to help them develop the skills necessary for today and design the programs to assist with fulfilling the promise of tomorrow. Our AdviseR consulting services and technical support deliver the expertise necessary to quickly and effectively install, develop, and deploy advanced, R-based analytics within today’s complex and diverse data architectures. Our AcademyR training services allow you to develop the skills of your people to help your program, update the skills of your experts in legacy platforms and solidify the skill set of your newest employees.

Revolution Analytics' executive leadership represents some of the most respected and experienced names in statistical computing and open source business.

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